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How to be Successful in IT & VOIP/ IP Networking

Tuesday 18 June
9am - 4pm
Christchurch - City campus

Expand your knowledge of IT and find out about careers paths in this ever-changing field. Learn about the skills and attributes required for IT roles such as business analyst, IT consultant, project manager and more, then explore how to build a network, make telephone calls between and across networks and how the internet supports voice-over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

This offering is for year 11-13 students only.

This is an Experience Ara offering. At Experience Ara you'll get a feel for tertiary-level study with hands-on junior and senior tasters, information sessions, and holiday workshops or earn some extra credits with our assessed STAR courses in a wide range of subjects. To see our full range of offerings or to register for a place, visit Experience Ara.